Bodywork Masters is Growing!

We have officially begun searching for the brightest, most inspired, licensed massage therapists to join our team!  

Are you wondering who we will be interviewing?  We have reached out to local schools to meet recently certified therapists, or students who will be licensed by the time they join our team.  

We are excited to offer a unique, post graduate program to interns dedicated to mastering chronic pain management through orthopedic massage.  Candidates will be learningspecialized skills by closely observing Bob Tricomi’s individualized care, duplicating those techniques, and keeping detailed notes as to what they targeted during the session.  This new knowledge will refine and rebuild their approaches to healing through manual therapies, and will then be used when treating their own clientele in their own practices.  

Following this six month program, candidates will be qualified to promote themselves as specialized, Bodywork Masters.

We look forward to introducing you to our growing team!