Announcing the Opening of Bodywork Masters!

Body Mastery by Bob Tricomi: Manual therapy and alternative solutions for surgeries, prescription drugs, or cortisone shots for the treatment of chronic pain.


Bodywork Masters has been up and running for two weeks now, and things couldn’t be better.  We have brand new pictures, courtesy of Lindsey and Leslie Forg, posted on our website build by Michael Merullo.  If you have been in recently, you may have noticed we have some new paperwork to complete, but other than that, so far our business has functioned exactly the way it did when we were partners with Bodywork Revolution.   We are excited to announce that in a few months, we will be introducing an additional aspect of our business, focused on training already certified massage therapists into Bodywork Masters- but more about that in our next post!


We would like to take this time to thank Steve Cunningham, for his support as we have started to develop our own company. We have Steve to thank for so much of our own brand, and couldn’t imagine sharing an office with anyone better!