Educational Tip #1: Fascia

Here at Bodywork Masters we pride ourselves in educating our clients in addition to providing life-changing services.  We’re going to focus our next few posts on explaining some of the details of the work that we do.  We’re starting out with something fundamental to our work: fascia.  As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, fascia is “a sheet of connective tissue covering or binding together body structures (as muscles)”.  As bodyworkers, we manipulate stagnated, tightened, or misplaced fascia to help realign the body.  Through our manual therapies, our clients experience deep relief from chronic pain caused by these imbalances within the soft-tissues, including fascia.  


Now you know!  If your body is in need of relief, make an appointment: your fascia will be happy you did!

Another round of graduates!

We are thrilled to announce Babette and Caroline have successfully completed the training portion of their BWM experience and have already begun working in additional clinics.  We wish them both the best of luck and will continue to update you about their fantastic bodywork experiences!

Celebrating Jean's Graduation!

We are thrilled to celebrate Jean's graduation from our program!  She has already begun working at Bosse Spa & Style, a Best of Boston winning spa.  We partnered with them, in part, because of our shared beliefs in the overall well-being of our clients.  We hope you can visit her: maybe after climbing their nearly 30 foot indoor rock wall, a session with their flexible personal trainers, a spin class, trying out their golf simulator, or a quick dip in their pool.  Way to go, Jean!!

Now that Jean is able to take her knowledge and skills to Bosse, we are able to focus on training our three new therapists.  We will tell you more about them soon, and we can't wait to introduce them to you in person, but first, here's a little teaser:

Caroline comes to BWM from Davers Ma.  While earning her Bachelor's Degree in Science, with a focus in Kinesiology, she made the Dean's list for three years.  She is often seen volunteering her skills at events such as The Boston Marathon, PanMass Challenge, and Walk for HAWC. 

Hailing from Manchester, NH, Elizabeth boasts a 95% GPA honor from Spa Tech Institute.  In addition to having a Foot Reflexology Certificate, she brings her knowledge in hydrotherapy, pregnancy, and healthcare to our team.

LMT and Reiki Master, Babette, comes from"Stagehands Massage," a company providing massages to bands and stage crew at concert venues in the greater Boston area.   With over 10 years experience as a Reiki Master/Energy Intuitive, we are excited to welcome her aboard. 


Second Round of Trainees!

How time flies! 

We've placed Jean into a local fitness center and spa and couldn't be happier for her!  

We have three, new therapists joining our team and we look forward to introducing them to you over the next few weeks.

Our value day Wednesdays are quickly filling up (even with three therapists!) so if it has been some time since your last appointment, we look forward to booking you with our new therapists soon!

Welcoming Jean to the team!

Today already marks our second training day!  We are thrilled to have Jean on board and want to give you a quick idea of why we are so excited:

As an accomplished therapist, Jean has practical experience working with tension, chronic low back pain, sciatica, repetitive use injury and many other conditions. With over seven years providing therapeutic, sports and relaxation massage to clients of all ages, Jean is looking forward to adding orthopedic massage to her already rich knowledge. Her energy, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence make her a great addition to our team.  

She brings along her passion for healing with a foundation in myofascial release, cupping therapy and stretching.  We are excited to share her talents with you as we guide her through our unique techniques to foster continued growth.

Jean is happiest when working with her hands.  As an avid gardener, djembe player, and mother of two, you’ll find she has the right touch complimented by her compassion for others.  We hope you get to meet her soon and experience her talents first hand!

Training Days are filling up quickly!

We had a very busy weekend at Bodywork Masters! In last Friday's newsletter, we reached out to our clients to offer them half off a 90-minute session on our training days, (which starting June 1, will be every Wednesday.)  Since then, we have been flooded with interest and are booking appointments for mid-June and July!

If you'd like to take advantage of this great deal, call us soon! 

If you missed our last newsletter over the weekend, feel free to email us and ask to be put on our list!

BWM Training Official Launch Date Announcement!

After a fantastic weekend at the 2016 Health and Wellness Spring Show, visits and presentations at local massage schools, and conversations with interested applicants, we are thrilled to announce the launch our training program!

Starting June 1 and every Wednesday to follow:
We are offering 50% off a 90-minute session. Enjoy half the time with Bob and half the time with a fully licensed massage therapist training under Bob's close supervision.

Hurry to make your appointments now!

BWM at the 2016 Health and Wellness Spring Show!

Bodywork Masters is excited to invite you to this year’s Health and Wellness Spring Show convention!  We look forward to sharing our mission, offering products, and demonstrating bodywork techniques at this event.  Joining us will be nearly 70 vendors specializing in wholistic health, fitness, nutrition, skincare, and bodywork.  All the details can be found on their website (click me to take you there!) where you can register to avoid the $5 admission fee at the door. 

The event will Sunday April 10, 2016 from 10am-3pm at the Waltham Westin Hotel (directions below.)  Enjoy visiting tables to sample and buy products, get screenings, make appointments, and learn more from the area's finest.  

We hope to see you there!

Click here for directions!

Is this the first you are reading about this?  We sent out a newsletter last week announcing our participation in the event.  Want to keep up with all of our latest news and updates? Visit our homepage to be added to our newsletter!



A BWM Update

Since our last update we have been actively reading cover letters, interviewing candidates, and continuing to offer top-notch bodywork sessions to our clients.  We have been flooded with interest from therapists: some with years of experience and others more recently licensed.  Additionally, we are continuing to encourage interested professionals to email us their credentials to be considered.  We will be accepting applications for another three weeks or so, which means by April we should be ready to roll out the next chapter of our mission!

Be sure to like our Facebook Page to stay in touch with us and to keep up to date with all our exciting announcements! 

Until next time,
Bob Tricomi and the Bodywork Masters Team

Bodywork Masters is Growing!

We have officially begun searching for the brightest, most inspired, licensed massage therapists to join our team!  

Are you wondering who we will be interviewing?  We have reached out to local schools to meet recently certified therapists, or students who will be licensed by the time they join our team.  

We are excited to offer a unique, post graduate program to interns dedicated to mastering chronic pain management through orthopedic massage.  Candidates will be learningspecialized skills by closely observing Bob Tricomi’s individualized care, duplicating those techniques, and keeping detailed notes as to what they targeted during the session.  This new knowledge will refine and rebuild their approaches to healing through manual therapies, and will then be used when treating their own clientele in their own practices.  

Following this six month program, candidates will be qualified to promote themselves as specialized, Bodywork Masters.

We look forward to introducing you to our growing team!

Announcing the Opening of Bodywork Masters!

Body Mastery by Bob Tricomi: Manual therapy and alternative solutions for surgeries, prescription drugs, or cortisone shots for the treatment of chronic pain.


Bodywork Masters has been up and running for two weeks now, and things couldn’t be better.  We have brand new pictures, courtesy of Lindsey and Leslie Forg, posted on our website build by Michael Merullo.  If you have been in recently, you may have noticed we have some new paperwork to complete, but other than that, so far our business has functioned exactly the way it did when we were partners with Bodywork Revolution.   We are excited to announce that in a few months, we will be introducing an additional aspect of our business, focused on training already certified massage therapists into Bodywork Masters- but more about that in our next post!


We would like to take this time to thank Steve Cunningham, for his support as we have started to develop our own company. We have Steve to thank for so much of our own brand, and couldn’t imagine sharing an office with anyone better!