Bodywork Masters is a multi-faceted elite clinic. 

BWM Bodywork Masters utilize many different techniques to identify, treat and restore functional and structural balance to the body. These techniques include: sliding cupping, gua sha (also known as "the Graston Technique"), trigger point therapy, and myofascial release. To learn more, visit the Techniques page.

In addition to receiving treatment, patients are educated how to maintain balance by identifying and correcting negative patterns. Bob may also identify and offer suggestions to correct postural imbalances due to poor ergonomic office conditions, repetitive motions, and chronic pain that can all affect activities of daily living.

Bodywork can be used to identify and correct conditions such as:
Sciatica Knee pain  •  Back spasms/pain  •  Whiplash injuries  •  Tendinosis
Frozen shoulder/hip   •   Carpal tunnel   •   Dowagers   •   Hump SI joint Pain
Forward head postures   •   Iliotibial band (ITB) issues   •   Anterior leg pain
Condromalacia patella   •   Plantar Fasciitis/ foot pain   •   Scar tissue issues
Lumbosacral dysfunction   •   Rotator cuff injuries   •   Tennis/ golfer’s elbow
Minor muscle / tendon repair  •   Cervical pain

BWM Bodywork Masters Current Staff:


Current Staff


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Babette Nerzig LMT








Many of you know Babette from when she was an intern at Bodywork Masters but now she is part of our staff. Babette Nerzig, LMT, is licensed by the Massachusetts State Board of Massage Therapy. She received over 800-hours of training and graduated with a certificate from The Massage School, Boston, MA (2015). In addition, Babette completed 250 hours of training and mentoring with Bob Tricomi, LMT, in Orthopedic Massage (Bodywork Masters 2016-2017.)

Babette has been a practicing Reiki Master since 2005 and trained in the Usui Tradition with Lisa Campion. She also graduated from the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine, Medway, MA in 2016. Babette holds a BS degree in Criminal Justice and an Associates Degree in Psychology, Sociology and Crime Scene Investigations. 

Babette uses a wide variety of techniques and modalities to help open up the myo-fascial system and address pain related issues. Because each session is uniquely tailored to her client's needs no two sessions are alike. 









N Miller.JPG

Nanci Miller Reflexology








Nanci wil be part of the BWM team this summer offering Reflexology, she successfully completed a certificate program in Reflexology from the Laura Norman Reflexology Training Program. 


Nanci is an avid marathon runner having completed 25  half marathons and 10 full marathons. When she was training for marathon number 9 she was dealing with a hip injury and went to Bob at Bodywork Masters who helped her with the recovery from the injury. This is when she decided that bodywork was a career she wanted to pursue, to work with athletes at all levels and help them recover. She is currently pursuing a career in massage therapy specializing in bodywork. Currently she is studying at the Holistic Academy of Natural Disciplines in Nashua New Hampshire with a focus on traditional and modern bodywork, she will complete the program in December 2018.


Her biggest accomplishment is being a mother to a 10 year old daughter.